Terms and Conditions


  1. Digital printing should have color different. Due to different model of printing machine, materials, ink, time, weather, humidity, there will be 3%-8% colour different in printing the image on the material by using same image file.
  2. All printing colour should follow our colour standard, customers cannot reprint or refund due to the colour different between the product and screen shot in computer, products or drafts from other companies.
  3. Customers are required to check carefully for the quantity and quality of goods received, return will not be accepted after customers’ acceptance of goods.
  4. In case of reprint is necessary, only same products can be returned in any circumstances, no refund nor change of products, design nor specifications would be accepted.
  5. "e.COLOSSAL" withholds the right to destroy any finished goods which are not picked up within 30 days after completion of printing; "" would not be responsible for any loss that caused; In such circumstances, any deposit nor pre-payment will be refunded, and "e.COLOSSAL" withholds the rights to chase back the remaining amount or value of the goods.
  6. "e.COLOSSAL" is not responsible for any customer submitted file that does not match with customer confirmed requirements, which may include the file inconsistency with size / bleeding deficit / colour / cutting size / image resolution inadequate / lacking of fonts, and etc., and eventually lead to finished customer’s requirements with errors.
  7. "e.COLOSSAL" would only keep the electronic files of customers not more than 1 week. Any allocation and provide login ID or password (hereinafter referred to as "User ID") are used for personal or commercial purposes. Subscriber or owner of such login account is made responsible for all statements and all acts. Subscriber will agree that when the user number is lost or stolen, or when confidentiality is violated, the account holder must immediately inform "e.COLOSSAL". Account holder also expressly agrees that "e.COLOSSAL" based on password reminding and for the purpose to maintain our service and / or in accordance with an aggregate courts and / or government legal requirements to enter user’s account.
  8. Customers guarantee that the printing content does not include any printed matter without authorization of the copyright holder text, images, designs, trademarks, currency and bank note or any of the copyrighted work; customers to ensure prints will not infringe any third party rights, including copyright, trademark, publicity, privacy and will not libel or defame any third party, and has obtained all necessary authorizations or permissions for third-party material into works of customers; customers guarantee that they have obtained all necessary permissions, rights and authorization of orders, and to authorize the printing of customers work; "e.COLOSSAL" will request customers to submit or produce relevant authority authorization for verification if necessary.
  9. If customers provided any printed contents which may involve defamation, invasion of privacy, counterfeit, copy, reproduce, intellectual property infringement, indecent, obscene, infringe any third party rights, currency and bank note or breach of our laws, and other printed matter, "e.COLOSSAL" reserves the rights to refuse in printing. With the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, "e.COLOSSAL" also will not be responsible or liable for the contents user nor any third party.
  10. Customers undertakes that if any person, group or institution for (i) breach of the terms of service;, or (ii) any customers products in printed text, photos, images, graphics, or other materials covering or may be involved defamation, invasion of privacy, counterfeit, copy, reproduce, intellectual property infringement, indecent, obscene, infringe any third party rights, currency and bank note or violate our laws, the situation, and to make any form of litigation, claims, notification or take any action that will indemnify "e.COLOSSAL" and its directors, officers and employees for any losses suffered, including but not limited to the relevant claims, losses, costs and reasonable attorneys' fees.
  11. "e.COLOSSAL" withholds the rights to make final decision on producing or printing of any files or materials from customers. Full payment is required for all orders.

Artwork Requirements

  1. Colour standard of all printed materials should refer to our standard in colour management; please do not refer to the standard on any monitor, screen or printed manuscript. Artwork must be in CMYK mode. All RGBs or Spot colours would be converted into CMYK for printing, should there be any variance induced, colour standard of all printed materials should also refer to our standard in colour management as well. "e.COLOSSAL" will not be responsible for any colour shift dispute due to colour conversion.
  2. All text must be created in outline shape.
  3. Artwork should be created in actual size in 1:1 scale, and artwork's resolution should be set to 150 dpi. "e.COLOSSAL" will not be responsible for making any changes in the artworks.
  4. Double-sided /Both sided Printing: 1cm bleeding area is required.
  5. Others: No bleeding area is required.
  6. Support software and file formats:
    Software:Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop
    Support format:.pdf/.eps/.jpg/.tiff/.ai


  1. "e.COLOSSAL" shall notify the customer when the goods are ready for collection.
  2. Pickup - The customer must collect the goods from "e.COLOSSAL"’s premises upon being notified by "e.COLOSSAL" that the goods are ready for collection. If "e.COLOSSAL" agrees to deliver the goods, the customer shall bear all freight costs and charges of such delivery.
  3. Customers pick up – Customers request to sign the pickup form, on the spot, by accepting the quality and quantity of the goods upon picking up the order.
  4. Pick up via courier (organized by customer).
  5. Order/ invoice number must be provided at the time of pick up. Failure to do so may extend the pickup time to 30 minutes or above.
  6. "e.COLOSSAL" has no liable of completing any form/ document requested by the courier, it is the customer liable to provide the corresponding form/ document to "e.COLOSSAL", one business day before pickup date.
  7. "e.COLOSSAL" had no liable on any extra delivery cost/ delay due to the lack of information when pick up.

    Refund Policy

      1. Should customers wish to return any flawed product, all requests must be made within three working days, and all returned goods must be in good conditions & description like quantity / packaging / accessories must be consistent with the invoice. Otherwise, no refund shall be made nor there will be any written off.
      2. Customers are required to arrange all returns delivery.
      3. Returns request depends upon each branch business hours. No handling nor acceptance will be catered during non-operating hours.
      4. For any order claim, we will only reprint the order or refund the relevant amount. We are not liable for any other losses caused by using our services.
      5. Refund will be returned to user’s account or paid by cheque.
      6. We offer a 7-day return policy, Insert picture proof of your claim.


      1. All listed prices are SST/ GST inclusive. Unless otherwise stated, all amounts expressed or described in these Terms and Conditions are GST exclusive amounts.
      2. Out of pocket expenses are SST/GST inclusive. All out of pocket expenses referred to in these terms and conditions are SST / GST exclusive.