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What Makes Inkjet Digital Printing the Best for Banner Printing Malaysia?

Whether you need banner vinyl printing, custom backdrop printing, our banner printing services, e.Colossal A&P Material and Print is one place where you will get all sorts of printing services and that too in high-quality inkjet digital prints.

We specialize in banner printing Malaysia, vinyl sticker print posters, booklets, outdoor banners, business cards, and custom backdrop printing services. All you need to do is provide us with the design and we will deliver you high-quality digital prints using our cutting edge inkjet digital printing services.

Why is Inkjet Digital Printing The Best?

You must be thinking why you should go for e.Colossal’s digital printing services when you have conventional offset printing services. Here are some convincing reasons for you:

1. High Quality Output

Quality is what is often compromised while printing a banner. But with our digital banner printing services, we promise that you will receive a picture perfect result. Our digital inkjet printer can print pictures of up to 1600 dpi. The very fine droplets from our inkjet printer produce a very sharp and smooth image that you will not get anywhere else.

2. Environment Friendly

Inkjet printers use less energy as compared to their counterparts, laser printers which have to first heat up and maintain a certain temperature throughout the printing process. Moreover, unlike offset printing, it doesn’t need specially designed aluminium plates for printing which are then wasted after use. Hence, inkjet printing uses less energy, produces minimal waste, and leaves fewer carbon prints.

3. Cost-Effective

The inkjet digital printing method is a cost-effective method of Vinyl Printing sticker or banner printing Malaysia. As it does not need a big setup for printing and technical workers to print your banners and brochures, digital printing is a cost-effective method of mass printing. An inkjet printer and printing paper are enough for a printing setup and there is no need for a technically trained individual for the setup.

4. Better Turn Around Time

If you are in a hurry and need your POSM printing ASAP to launch your new product, go for an inkjet digital printing service. Unlike traditional offset printing services, with digital printing services you will have your POSM printing available for promotions in a very little amount of time. In digital printing, there is no need to wait for the ink to dry, your print will be ready as soon as it is printed.

5. Easy Customization

If you like a design over the internet and you would like to edit it a bit according to your requirements and use it as a backdrop at your event, you should go for inkjet digital printing services. Our custom backdrop printing service will not only edit your design on the spot using software but will also deliver your backdrop in minimal time.

So, what are you waiting for?? Click here to contact us for printing brochures, backdrops, vinyl sticker print, and whatnot. We are waiting to hear from.