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    Advertise Your Business with Car Decal Printing

    Do you want to promote your business on the go??

    Car decal printing is the best way to do so. With our van wrap or truck wrap service; you can promote your business while going about your daily business. Either use our services to promote your business or for putting a personalized message or image on your car, we can do both for you.

    In car decal printing, the whole or a part of your vehicle is pasted with a vinyl wrap. The size of the vinyl depends on what you want to print on your car. There are no limitations on colour and design, you can go wild with the design or choose a simple logo to promote your business. The good part is van wrap is completely removable and will not do any harm to your car paint.

    Benefits of Vehicle Wrap


    A vehicle wrap is a very popular and affordable way of promotion. In comparison to other outdoor promotions like billboards, a truck wrap will cost you a lot less. Moreover, these vehicles will also travel and so does your promotions as well. You can use one car to promote your business in different parts of the city.


    The good thing about car decal printing is you can choose any colour and design for your car. It will be printed on the vinyl sheet without any doubt. However, it is better if you choose simple designs for better visibility.

    Easy Maintenance

    You might be thinking there must be an extensive maintenance regime for keeping the vehicle wrap in top-notch condition. Buy maintaining a vehicle wrap is pretty easy. All you need is an appropriate cleaning solution and wash your vehicle with it only. Also, it is better to hand wash the vehicle as pressure cleaning can damage the vinyl wrap.

    Paint Protection

    Vehicle wrapping is a great way to protect your car from colour decay, scratches, and dust. Over time, cars tend to loos their original colour and you are required to re-paint your car to keep it in top-notch condition. A vehicle wrap will not only protect your car from colour decay but it will also protect it from scratches and dust.


    A vehicle wrap is completely temporary and you can remove it whenever you want to. It will be completely removed and you will have the original look of your vehicle back. Moreover, if you are running a fleet, a vehicle wrap is a great option as you can change it whenever you want to.

    So, what are you waiting for??? Pick up your favourite design or get one designed according to your liking and get your car wrapped with us. At E.Colossal, we offer you the best and most durable vehicle wrapping services in Malaysia. We use the best quality vinyl for truck wrap and van wrap which will last you up to three years. Moreover, you can remove it or get it changed any time you want.

    Just give us the design and leave the rest to our professionals!!


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