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    Add LED Screen to Create Best In-Store Experience

    Nowadays, businesses are moving towards digital methods of advertising and branding their products. You must have seen a digital billboard on roads, an outdoor LED screen shining at the entrance of a cafe, and an indoor led screen to showcase the menu at a restaurant. All these advancements are because digital methods are more convenient, cost-effective, innovative, and attract customers.

    With LED displays, you don’t have to change the billboard or advertisement every season. You can change the contents of your digital billboard with just a few clicks on a computer. Moreover, LED screens are great at displaying complex designs and patterns on the screen.

    Get your indoor and outdoor LED screen or fabric light box from E.Colossal A&P Material and Print at affordable prices. E.Colossal is one of the leading LED screen supplier in Malaysia.

    Why Choose E.Colossal?

    You will find a lot of LED screen suppliers in Malaysia. However, not all of them are offering trusted services. At E.Colossal, we pledge to provide you with the best LED screens and LED screen installation services.

    We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED screens, digital billboards, and fabric light boxes to cater to your needs. All you need to do is contact us with your requirements. Our team of professionals will not only provide you with what you need but will also ensure that the LED screen or billboard is installed professionally.

    So, what are you waiting for??? Give us a call and share your requirements with us. Our team of expert professionals will take care of the rest.

    What do We Have In Store For You?

    1. Digital Billboard

    Quickly taking over conventional billboards, digital billboards are a great innovation in the field of advertising. Digital billboards are made of numerous tiny LED lights that help portray images and messages on the billboard. These billboards are attached to a computer that changes the image on the screen at regular intervals.

    2. Indoor LED Screen

    You will find an indoor led screen everywhere. From hospitals, banks, and restaurants, to airports and bus stations, indoor LED screens are used everywhere for advertisement or public service purposes. Typically, the size of an indoor LED screen can range from one square meter to ten square meters.

    3. Outdoor LED Screen

    Outdoor LED screens are a lot different from indoor LED screens. Apart from obvious features of water and weather resistance, outdoor LED screens are much bigger in size and have much more brightness levels than ann indoor led screen. The reason being it has to cater large area and more people should be able to capture the contents of an outdoor LED screen.

    4. Fabric Light Box

    At E.Colossal, we also set up a fabric light box system at your events. A fabric light box has better visibility than posters and is a great option for setting up a temporary display at an event.

    Feel free to contact us for more information. E.Colossal is here to help you in every manner.


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