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    A light box sign is often the first choice of business owners as it gives a professional look to their workplace and is aesthetically appealing and visible as well. So, if you are looking for a light box sign for your business, you have come to the right place, E.Colossal A&P Marketing and Print is the leading digital printing and material supply company in Malaysia. From light box signage to a vehicle wrap, we deal in a wide array of services to help make your business stand out from the others in the industry.

    A light box is basically an aluminium frame container covered with a thin film over which the text or image is printed. The container has a light source that illuminates to display of the signage. Previously, light boxes had fluorescent light source which has been now replaced with LED light source which is a more feasible and cost-effective source of illuminating light box signage.

    Benefits Of Using Light Box Signage

    If you are looking for reasons to opt for light box signage, here are a few contemplating benefits for you:

    1. Easy Customization

    LED signs or posters are one-time-use signage. If you want to change the logo or content of the signage, you will have to change it entirely. However, a light box sign gives you the liberty to change or alter it according to your needs whenever you want to. All you need to do is change the film over the light box and you are good to go, nothing else.

    2. Better Visibility

    A light box has a far better visibility rate than other outdoor signs. Neon signs or posters might not be clearly visible during the day or at night because of reflection and other factors. Light boxes, on the other hand, have a great visibility ratio at night as well as in day time. The light in the box gives a great vision during the night and during the day.

    3. Low Maintenance

    The light box is made of aluminium frame which is the most sturdy and durable material. It will not rust or corrode for several years and is a perfect choice to bear the weather extremes. The LED light used in the back is also durable and if there is a fault, the repair involves just changing the bulb. So, on average light box signage will last you up to 10 years.

    4. Professional Look

    LED light boxes are designed to draw attention and around 29% of customers say that they visited a new place because of their attractive sign board. Moreover, unlike neon signs, a light box sign is not absurdly shiny or tacky and gives a more professional look to your sign. The viewers will receive a professional and quality service impression of your light box sign.

    5. Energy Efficient

    If you are worried about the energy consumption of illuminated signage, let us clear your doubt. At E.Colossal we only use LED lights for light box signs. LED bulbs consume about 70% less energy than fluorescent bulbs.


    So, what are you waiting for?? Contact us to get professional and attractive light box signage for your business. We at E.Colossal are waiting to serve you better!!


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