Effectiveness of Printed Marketing

Printed ads are one of the most traditional media platforms. There have been advertisements in newspapers and magazines for about as long as there have been newspapers and magazines. But is there still a place for print in a new marketing budget, given the abundance of digital channels?

The answer is YES! Here are five statistics that illustrate print advertising’s ongoing efficacy today.

  • Print ads capture Millennial attention
  • These ads maintain reader focus
  • It is the most reliable medium.
  • Printed ads have a positive effect on the human brain
  • This type of advertisement improves other efforts of businesses

Here are two effective methods of printed marketing:

Bunting Printing:

Buntings and banners are traditional as well as popular means of advertisement with so many benefits. Banners and buntings have long been one of the most traditional modes of advertisement, creating significant income for many businesses.

Effectiveness of bunting flags printing:

  • Bunting Printing is a highly dependable method of selling goods to profitability, and the logo of the banner/buntings would be imprinted in the minds of those who see it.
  • This is by far the most recognizable means of advertisement. The company and product gain widespread attention, and consumers become more conscious of it.

Sticker printing:

Sticker printing is also a successful and persuasive way to sell the brand. Stickers are excellent publicity materials for almost any industry and can be helpful to the company if used properly. These advertisement tools can make any marketing campaign more successful if used correctly and built well, as you can opt to make them long-lasting.

Effectiveness of Sticker printing advertisement:

  • Stickers create a powerful word-of-mouth impression.
  • It is a highly cost-effective way to create a lasting impression.
  • Stickers have a higher perceived value than any other printed promotional item.
  • Stickers extend the brand’s reach into your local geographic region.
  • Promotional stickers compel a brand to be hyper-focused, and they are affordable also.

Thinking outside the box is needed for an effective advertisement. When deciding on a bunting or sticker marketing plan, think about the material required for these promotional stickers or bunting flags. Choosing signs for an event or organization can be difficult, mainly if you do it for the first time. There are several signage materials to choose from. Corflute, Foamcore, Colorbond, Aluminium, Acrylic, and PVC foam sheet are the major ones recommended by many professionals.

PVC Foam Sheet:

Foamed PVC sheets are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in advertising, construction, and industry. It is lightweight, durable, and versatile surfaces that can be painted, printed, engraved, or milled. The material’s uniqueness is that it is simple to cut, drill, and glue, and it can be treated in certain respects, much like a rigid acrylic board. The unique benefits of using PVC foam sheets for advertising stickers and bunting flags are:

  • cutting, drilling, and gluing is easy
  • It is also simple to bend and mold, making it highly versatile in its applications.
  • PVC foam sheet is highly robust, with a typical life expectancy of several years.
  • These panels are both water repellent and waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor use.
  • It’s also lightweight, making it compact and easy to transport.
  • PVS foam sheets are simple to secure to walls, stands, and other surfaces with clear adhesives, and it is often simple to detach.
  • The printing quality of the text, pictures, or graphics is excellent due to its seamless finish.

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