When humans came out of caves, they had learned to draw and make characters that could convey meaning. But the problem with it was that those drawings were restricted to their caves.

The next step was to find something portable which they could use to write on and save it or send it to others to communicate.

After the man had figured out how to write and preserve it or send it to others, the next step was to invent printing so that he could convey the message to as many people as possible.

It was also necessary to have multiple copies of information preserved for later use and records.

The problem was that how many copies can you make by hand? Not as many as to cover all the required population.

That’s when printing came into being, and humans have not stopped improving it ever since.

Digital printing service:

The most modern form of printing is the digital printing service.

A digital printing service uses digital methods to print directly on a variety of media.

It has many benefits over traditional printing or analog printing.

Why is the digital printing service better?

A digital printing service is better for many reasons, which we are going to discuss below:

  1. Cost Efficiency:

A digital printing service is cost-efficient as compared to traditional printing as it does not involve a plate.

For analog printing, the design had to be transferred on a printing plate which would then be transferred on the medium to be printed.

With a digital printing service, printing cost significantly reduces as you do not have to pay for the printing plate and its preparation.

  1. Print Quality:

As the medium is being directly printed in digital printing service, it turns out to be much better than traditional printing, which caused a loss of quality because the ink was being transferred from the plate onto the medium.

  1. Freedom & Efficiency:

Digital printing service offers you a lot of freedom in printing as you can efficiently have as many prints as you want without waiting for a plate to be ready before printing could happen.

Similarly, a plate could only be used once for a single print, which slowed down the process and reduced efficiency. You are free of printing plates with a digital printing service so that you can print freely.

The Optimal Use of a digital printing service with a Foam board supply in Malaysia:

As discussed earlier, transferring the messages was not the only concern of early humans when they invented printing.

They were also worried about preserving the information. And the need continues, which is why humans continue to improve printing.

Now that you are enjoying the best printing experience ever using a Digital printing service, why not go one more step and make the best out of your prints as well?

Below are some tips you can use to preserve the output of your digital printing service using a foam board supply in Malaysia.

Foam board supply in Malaysia:

A foam board supply in Malaysia refers to supplying a material used for mounting a print by a digital printing service.

The material is a three-layered material, with paper on the extreme sides and a foam sandwiched between the two.

Uses of a Foam board supply in Malaysia:

  1. You can mount your print from a digital printing service by finding a foam board supply in Malaysia and pasting the print on it. Using a foam board supply in Malaysia, you can make your digital print last longer as the foam board will provide the necessary support to it.
  2. A foam board supply in Malaysia can be used effectively by mounting prints from a digital printing service on both sides, providing safety for two pictures at the price of one foam board.
  3. The foam board supply in Malaysia supplies a lightweight but very strong material. This material can be easily cut through a knife and turned into a shape you require, nicely covering your print from a digital printing service.
  4. You can find a tough material with a foam board supply in Malaysia, which provides support to the prints by a digital printing service and saves it from environmental adversaries. The foam in the foam board can prevent your print from smudging or fading as it is waterproof.

You can add a protective layer to your print by a digital printing service by finding a foam board supply in Malaysia by getting it mounted and then laminated. Lamination will protect the print further by cutting its contact with the air, and adding a glow to it, enhancing the look.


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