The heavy equipment and machinery involve big investment which requires them to be handled very carefully during the transporting from one place to other. It implies that loading articles onto a truck and strapping or chaining them down isn’t enough for successful heavy equipment transportation. Safe packing to avoid costly damages to your valuable asset is another important thing.

Here are the three best options for heavy machinery and equipment packing to ensure the safest transportation if handled carefully.


The equipment and products which are packed in small packages should be palletized before shipment. When stacking boxes in pallets, make sure there is no overhang, and they should be kept squarely. The standard size of Pallets are (48″ x 40″) and available easily locally. They are made of wood and hard plastic. To strap or fasten your items directly to the pallet, use heavy-duty plastic wrap.

When palletizing things, make sure the pickup and delivery locations have a loading dock or a forklift. You must request a vehicle with a lift gate if both destinations do not have a port. There is a price for extra equipment options.

Wooden Crates:

Custom wooden crates offer the highest level of safety against unpleasant damages. Custom wooden crate packing is employed for heavy machinery, high-value item, fragile items, and easily damaged Items. The benefit of utilizing custom wooden crates is that it provides tension-free safety, but it will result in the extra cost of extra weight. When choosing the custom wooden crates option, you must consider a competent crating person with a lot of experience handling valuable things.

 Custom wood crates may be made in a variety of ways. The selection of crates may depend upon something you need to transport. Crates can be modified to include dividers inside, depending on the size and number of your things, in case there are many goods or sections of products that need to be divided while in transport. Wheels or casters can be added to custom wood crates, custom-made ones. Wood crates with wheels or casters are recommended for delivering big items since they enable transporting highly laden wood boxes simpler and easier.

Heavy grades of cardboard:

Using higher grade cardboard instead of crating is frequently an option many times. The most of trade material shipped employee cardboard. Strapping bands or nylon strapping tape used to protect the finishing of furniture and other bigger things. To avoid things collide each other, bubble wrap is recommended. When packing, more cushioning should be used to separate the products to protect collapsing something each other!

Glassware and other tiny, fragile goods must be hand-wrapping with enough cushioning and should be placed into an inner shipping box. All small boxed products should be placed inside the main shipping box, with at least 2 inches of cushioning between the inner and outside box.

Labeling is also in need!

The risk of misplacing or losing items increases if they are not properly labeled. The address and phone number for both the shipper and the consignee should be noted on all packages. Additionally, advertisement logos and information can be placed. Inkjet printing service and design with various finishing options can leave a long-lasting impact that helps stand out your business from the competition.

Inkjet printing service has a great place in the future of packaging, allowing for new and exciting creative possibilities. Printing on demand has become one of the most popular packaging innovations. Digital printing, on the other hand, works well with offset printing and is sometimes required for the job at hand.


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